Staff Member of the Month – August

Congratulations to Julie Round, Base Room Manager in the Pink Room, and our August Staff Member of the Month. In addition to running her rooms to its usually impeccably high standards over the holiday period, Julie also very ably oversaw the running of the Juice Nursery office whilst various other members of staff were on holiday over the summer. Left in her very capable hands we consider it multi-tasking at the highest level! Well done and thank you, Julie!

Sport’s Day

Well finally the sun shone and our Juice Nursery mini-atheletes had to the chance today to compete in their very own Olympic-inspired games, in Altrincham’s John Leigh Park. Split into teams, competition was fierce, with the children taking part in all those traditional sport’s day classics, including the egg and spoon, and good old sack race, and were awarded with medals to prove it! Could these by the Olympians of the future?!

Adventure to Knowsley Safari Park

Nineteen intrepid mini-explorers from Juice Nursery set out this week on an exciting adventure to Knowsley Safari Park. Arriving in style, the children all enjoyed the view from the coach during the safari drive, seeing familiar animals including lions, tigers & favorites such as the baboons, as well as the not so well known – ever heard of a Sitatunga? No, we hadn’t either! After the drive the children enjoyed their picnic in the sunshine and had the chance to look around the ‘Bug House’ before watching the Sealion show, where Arthur & Biffo put on a special Olympic Show! Great day out and of course the children, as ever, were beautifully behaved!

Staff Member of the Month – July

Congratulations to our July Staff Member of the Month, Katie Adshead. Soon to be promoted Katie will be instrumental in helping to run our new pre-school room, the Green Room, from the beginning of September and has already made some fantastic suggestions as to how this room should work, and was involved at the recent Parent’s Evening to discuss in more detail how our plans for the new room will be implemented. Well done Katie!