Staff Member of the Month – February

Lisa is described by those working close to her as a calm and generous member of the team.A very popular member of our Juice Nursery staff, with the children, parents and staff alike, Lisa Barratt is a thoroughly deserving recipient of our February Staff Member of the Month award. Described by those working close to her as a calm and generous member of the team, Lisa is always willing to go the extra mile and is an extremely dedicated and conscientious member of our team, not least because she gets up at 5am every day to ensure she gets in to work on time! Well done, Lisa!

First Aid made easy!

Would you know what to do if your child was choking? Do you know the priorities of treating a child who is injured or ill? Effective emergency treatment before professional help arrives can go a long way to reducing the effects of illness and injury, and indeed save a child’s life. Mindful of this we thought our Juice Nursery parents might benefit from the opportunity to brush up on their First Aid skills…enter Paul from First Responder Ltd! A group of 24 parents gathered for a 2 hour course with Paul, who took us through those basic, but most crucial first steps when dealing with an emergency situation. The time, although absolutely flew by, was really informative and packed with lots of valuable information, with Paul explaining a variety of different scenarios, combined with video clips & active demonstrations to take the group through the key elements of First Aid. Attendees also had the opportunity to practice what they had learnt – basic resuscitation techniques on baby, child & adult dummies, as well as putting fellow attendees in the recovery position! Two hours very well spent!

Development…it’s not just child’s play

On the back of a lecture that Juice Nursery Manager, Linda Gibson gave at Trafford College last year, she has subsequently been approached by the Huffington Post to share her thoughts on further education, and in particular, the importance of apprenticeships and the huge benefit that these can bring to business.

Here is a link to the article if you would like to find out more.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Great excitement for the children in our Green Room last week as they visited Manchester’s Chinatown. Quite apart from loving the journey – great fun travelling on the tram – they visited two supermarkets, bought some Chinese food & decorations. They also looked at the big red snake in the square, which was lit up and looked lovely. The children then enjoyed lunch in a Chinese restaurant, looking at the menus to choose their food, and they loved munching on won tons & spring rolls, followed by chicken noodles, beef and vegetables & rice. Yum yum! We were so proud of how well they sat on the big chairs. Every child ate well & it was lovely to watch them enjoying this social occasion. What a brilliant day! Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!

Let’s go on an adventure…with Pyjama Drama!

Our Blue Room here at Juice Nursery, had a fabulous time when Pyjama Drama’s, Emma Knighton came to visit going on a Chinese New Year inspired adventure!! Picture the scene…it’s the year of the snake, and tonight we’re going to dress up as a dragon and go to a party with all our friends. But there seems to be a bit of bad luck around today; I’ve already fallen out of bed, tripped over the cat and trodden on a squishy old banana! Time to wake up our pet snake, Lucky, sweep away the bad luck, light the candles and get ready for the biggest celebration in town!