Staff Member of the Month – June

Congratulations to Sarah Cooper, the very deserving recipient of our Juice Nursery, June Staff Member of the Month award. An extremely valued & experienced member of our team, who has worked at the nursery since 2007, Sarah has proactively taken on more responsibility within the Pink Room over the past few months, since Base Room Manager Julie’s appointment as our Deputy Manager. Sarah works very closely with Julie helping to oversee and ensure the efficient running of the room, and is doing an excellent job! Well done, Sarah!

Parent’s Evening – May 2013

It’s good to talk, and with that in mind it was great to welcome so many parents to our Juice Nursery Parent’s Evening! We have come a long way in the last year, and it was fantastic to discuss with parents the progress their children are making, as well as getting feedback on changes made, including the roll out of new Orbit Early Years software throughout the nursery. The beauty of Orbit is that it allows parents access to their children’s individual learning journeys whenever they want, plus it also prompts them when new entries are added, meaning they can easily keep up to date on their child’s development from home or work! It was great to be able to use summary reports generated from Orbit as the basis for our discussions on the night, which proved to be really powerful in highlighting just how much progress each child individually is making!

Fun down on the farm!

Well, what fun the children in the Orange & Green Rooms had down at the fabulous Stockley Farm Park. The entire outing was fantastic – with the children being as excited about their journey on the coach as much as anything else! The staff at Stockley really looked after us, guiding us from activity to activity throughout the day, which included holding guinea pigs & rabbits, feeding the goats with a bottle of milk, stroking the donkeys & ponies, feeding hay to the calves and seed to the chickens, as well as lots of time to climb on the hay stacks, play in the giant sand pit and soft play area. Another great highlight of the day was a very special ride around the farm on a trailer, attached to the back of the tractor! Great fun was had by all, and needless to say EVERYONE (staff included!) were exhausted by the end of the day, with all the children having a little doze on the coach on the way home!

Father’s Day Juice style!

It was lovely to be able to welcome so many of our Dads (and a couple of grandads too!) in to nursery this week, as they popped in to spend some quality time with their little ones, to mark Father’s Day, Juice Nursery style! Needless to say the children (and we hope the Dads too!) all had a great time, enjoying biscuits and juice, as well as the opportunity to get creative! The children and their fathers/grandfathers really enjoyed making crowns, turned hand and foot prints into cars, as well as decorating salt dough people! All fabulous family fun wouldn’t you agree!

Stretch-n-Grow comes to Juice

We are delighted to announce, that Stretch-n-Grow, will be coming into Juice on a weekly basis, initially running classes for children in Pink & Purple Rooms. Stretch-n-Grow is a world-leading health & fitness programme for young children, closely linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) that we follow here at Juice, and is a great blend of exercise, education and fun! Under the guidance of qualified instructors, focusing on a different topic each week, the children will learn the importance of exercise & nutrition. Exercises are designed to help develop their motor skills & agility, balance, as well as coordination, flexibility & strength. Specific movements are even included that help with brain development! Stretch-n-Grow will be a fantastic addition to our weekly timetable & we can’t wait to get started! And, don’t worry, if your child is in Blue, Orange or Green Rooms then they can look foward to classes starting at the beginning of August