Have A Heart & support the Juice Nursery Superheroes!

With just over 2 weeks to go now, we are all in training & limbering up for our ‘Have A Heart’ event, Thursday 12th February, where children in the nursery will become Superheroes for the day, on a very special mission to save the hearts of the people of Altrincham! Through their efforts as they tackle a specially designed obstacle course (under the watchful eye of our friends at Stretch-n-Grow Altrincham & Sale) we hope to raise funds for an AED or portable defibrillator. Ultimately, our plan is to position the unit outside the nursery, so it is might be of benefit to members of our local community, as well as the nursery, in case of emergency. Interested in supporting us… then have a heart and donate! No matter how small, any donations will be very gratefully received! Thank you for your support.
For more information please email sarah@juicenursery.com

Animal Magic at Juice Nursery

Following their ‘Animal’ theme, it was an animaltastic week for children in our Orange & Green Rooms! On Tuesday, Andrew from Animals In-Tuition paid us a visit – bringing with them a snail, tortoise, sandfish, guinea pigs, as well as a tarantula AND a snake – which the children (if they wanted to!) were able to touch, feel, hold & stroke! As well as being really fun, the visit was very educational , with lots of questions for the children to think about, including what do the animals eat, where do they live and how did they feel to touch. All very interesting and we were really surprised at how brave all the children were, with a number of them volunteering to hold the snake!!! As well as Animals In-Tution, Lesley, our Nursery Manager, brought Mal & Bryn in to visit – her 11 month old Labrador dogs, which proved to be a real hit! Lesley talked to the children about what you need to do to care for a dog and together they looked at different parts of the dog’s body, including tail, nails and paws. The children had the chance to groom and stroke the dogs, hold them on the lead, as well as feeding them some yummy dog biscuits!