Celebrating Diwali

There has been lots and lots of exciting thing going on at Juice Nursery over the past week or so, but a definite highlight was our celebration of Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Light.

Our Preschoolers learnt more about the story of Diwali, reading the story of Rama & Sita and they enjoyed recreating different parts of the story though a variety of activities, including dressing up using masks to play the different characters in the story.

Celebrations weren’t just limited to our Green Room however, as all the children had a great time getting creative, taking inspiration from Diwali in their art and craft activities, as well as their cookery sessions… and we have it on good authority that the samosas went down a treat! Yummy!

Lest we forget…

To mark Remembrance Day the children of Juice Nursery have been getting creative, making their own poppies which are displayed around the nursery. Taking things one stage further the children in our Green Room or Preschool, added the poppies that they had made to a wreath, which the children then took to Altrincham’s Regent Road memorial.

Alty in Bloom celebrate Gold once again!

Fabulous news! Altrincham has retained it’s Gold Award in this year’s North West in Bloom competition. Lots and lots of hard work, from a range of individuals, organisations and businesses, and in particular Alty in Bloom, who are the real driving force behind the efforts, went into this achieving this award, and we were delighted to play a small part. You might remember seeing earlier posts on our Birds, Butterflies and Bees inspired planter, which was located on the end of George Street over the summer.

We have just replanted for the forthcoming season, and have taken over the planter outside the Town Hall on Market Street and guess what looks like we have some visitors to the planter already….. oh help….oh no….it’s the Gruffulo!!!

Get talking, with I CAN

The early years are a crucial time in children’s speech, language & communication development, and with research suggesting that in some areas of the UK over half the children going into school don’t have the communication skills they need, this is one of the 3 prime areas of focus that are key to us here at Juice Nursery, as outlined in the EYFS.

Talking, understanding others & knowing what to say are important skills however, for many children talking doesn’t come naturally, and for all children learning through play helps. To support us with this we follow the Early Talk programme, developed by I CAN, a charitable organisation who are experts in helping children develop the speech, language and communication skills they need to fulfil their potential.

With top tips & techniques devised for children as they develop, Early Talk allows us to support all young children’s communication skills using a range of strategies, and it is fun too! For more info visit I Can’s website.