Chatterbox Challenge 2017

We have had great fun this week, taking part in I CAN’s 2017 Chatterbox Challenge, aiming to raise awareness around the importance of good speech, language and communication (SLC) skills for all children.

With a range of engaging activities, designed by I CAN, to encourage children’s listening and attention, understanding, learning and using new words as well as building sentences and talking socially, we had a great time getting our Juice Nursery babies babbling, toddlers talking and children chatting.

Check out our Twitter feed @Juice_Nursery to see more of what we got up to each day.

Outdoor Classroom Day

When children learn and play outdoors they build skills for the future, and as such the children in our Juice Nursery Orange and Green Rooms had a great time this afternoon out and about, enjoying playing hide and seek, climbing trees and den building in the park, in support of Outdoor Classroom Day #outandabout #exploringtheworld #letsgetmoving #outdoorlearning