Development…it’s not just child’s play

On the back of a lecture that Juice Nursery Manager, Linda Gibson gave at Trafford College last year, she has subsequently been approached by the Huffington Post to share her thoughts on further education, and in particular, the importance of apprenticeships and the huge benefit that these can bring to business.

Here is a link to the article if you would like to find out more.

Introducing our new Green Room

From 1st September 2012 we will be introducing a Green Room in recognition of the fact that a number of children will soon be going to school and that there is a growing need for these older children to have more structured learning in their day to help them to continue to learn and grow emotionally.

We are in the process of designing exactly what this will encompass based on our experience, research of current thinking and of course through discussion with our existing parents. The emphasis will however, be on ensuring that your children are happy, confident individuals who are raring to go when they start Reception.