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Happy Father’s Day

Thank you to all our lovely Dad’s and Daddy’s, Grandad’s and Grandpa’s out there, who came in to see us on Friday, as we celebrated Father’s Day. The children were very excited to see you all, and we were delighted that so many of you could make it! :)

What a fabulous way to end another great week here at Juice Nursery

Child Safety Week 2017

This week we have been taking part in The Child Accident Prevention Trust’s annual community education initiative, talking to the children about staying safe, as well as sharing information and top tips, with our Juice Nursery parents.

With the theme, sharing is caring, the aim of the week is to raise awareness of the risks of child accidents and how they can be prevented.

For more information on the initiative check out this link http://www.childsafetyweek.org.uk/parents/

Chatterbox Challenge 2017

We have had great fun this week, taking part in I CAN’s 2017 Chatterbox Challenge, aiming to raise awareness around the importance of good speech, language and communication (SLC) skills for all children.

With a range of engaging activities, designed by I CAN, to encourage children’s listening and attention, understanding, learning and using new words as well as building sentences and talking socially, we had a great time getting our Juice Nursery babies babbling, toddlers talking and children chatting.

Check out our Twitter feed @Juice_Nursery to see more of what we got up to each day.

Outdoor Classroom Day

When children learn and play outdoors they build skills for the future, and as such the children in our Juice Nursery Orange and Green Rooms had a great time this afternoon out and about, enjoying playing hide and seek, climbing trees and den building in the park, in support of Outdoor Classroom Day #outandabout #exploringtheworld #letsgetmoving #outdoorlearning

Staff Member of the Month – April

Congratulations to Sarah Abbey, our Juice Nursery April Staff Member of the Month, who has been extremely on the ball and proactive, suggesting a number of ideas and initiatives that we have taken on board and implemented, including adding first aid prompt cards to each room and introducing new paperwork to the Purple Room for parents to complete if their child’s routine has changed in anyway.

Well done, Sarah… keep those ideas coming!!

Happy Easter!

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter from us all here at Juice Nursery!

To celebrate the occasion we held our own Easter Bonnet parade in the nursery, so that the children could all show each other their marvellous creations and in addition, children in our Orange & Green Rooms paraded through the centre of Altrincham in their bonnets!

Chick, chick, chicken!

We have all thoroughly enjoyed watching our Juice Nursery eggs hatch throughout this week The children had the opportunity to care for them, feeding them and watching them grow, as well as giving them a little cuddle if they wanted to!

Once again they were a bit hit with the children, staff and parents!

Stay and Play Sessions

March saw us launch our new Juice Nursery Stay and Play Sessions. With the aim of building on the partnership between nursery and home, the sessions are designed to provide parents with an opportunity to come into nursery on a day that their children is with us, to see their child engaged, and having fun, in an environment set up to enhance their learning, behaviour and development.

It was lovely that a number of parents were able to join us for the first of what will be monthly sessions going forward. Dates of further sessions can be found on our website.